Professor Charles Pasternak is a biochemist (he taught at Oxford University and London University) and his specialised area of research is the field of biological membranes. In 1992 Charles founded the Oxford International Biomedical Centre (OIBC) in Oxford. OIBC’s vision is of a world in which wider access to scientific learning brings better health and quality of life. We realise our vision through educational projects for all generations and especially for the young, inspiring and building greater understanding of scientific issues. SCIENTISTS IN SCHOOLS brings together leading STEM professionals with schools to enthuse more young people to connect with science and encourage them to pursue a career in STEM.


Research published by STEM Learning shows that 73% of businesses have found it more difficult to hire staff in 2017/2018. Business leaders revealed a major shortage of staff with STEM skills. Over half expect the STEM skills shortage to get worse in the next decade. Meanwhile the growth of the sector will likely double the number of STEM careers by 2028.
STEM will be a key sector of employment for today’s students, entering the workplace in 2030.

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